Mike Cho


Michael Cho is the President and a financial advisor of FSDC Advisory, LLC.  He has 25+ years in the financial industry.  He works with private clients and institutions with their investment objectives and needs.  Mike tries to uncomplicate the path to accomplishing financial goals through investing and saving.  Before starting his own investment company, he worked for a large warehouse for most of his career, but felt more and more disenchanted as the goals of the company were not in sync with the goals of his clients. Mike is now excited to have his company work for his clients.

Having gone to Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan; Michael also has other accreditations from College of Financial Planning and National Association of Plan Advisors.

Mike has been a DNEM board member since 2014.  During that time, he has seen DNEM grow and flourish under the present leadership.  He also does other community outreach to paralyzed veterans to at-risk children.  Sharing all these experiences, we can help each other to live independently and happily.

Mike lives in Farmington Hills with his wife and two children.  He enjoys fencing with his wife and watching his kids swim.