About DNEM

Disability Network Eastern Michigan is a Center for Independent Living. Independent Living changes attitudes, expands community options, removes barriers, and increases choice.

Disability Network Eastern Michigan is committed to promoting inclusion for all by breaking down barriers and opening paths towards independence and personal choice through resources, advocacy, information, support, and education.

Our Team

Executive Staff

Headshot of Kelly Winn, click to read profile.

Kelly Winn

Chief Executive Officer

Amy Maes

Amy Maes

Associate Director - Oakland & Macomb

Headshot of Traci Comer-Scarsella, click to read profile.

Traci Comer-Scarsella

Associate Director - Thumb Region

Christine Cook

Christine Cook

Veterans Program Director & HR

Headshot of Carrie Gerdeman, click to read profile

Carrie Gerdeman

Recreation & Health Services Director

Headshot of Susan Griffo, click to read profile.

Susan Griffo

Career & Life Skills Director

Headshot of Brittany Palin, click to read profile.

Brittany Palin

Finance Director

Headshot of Chip Werner, click to read profile.

Chip Werner

Communications & Development Director

Program Support Staff

Headshot of Mary Adragna, click to read profile.

Mary Adragna

Information & Referral Specialist / Community Liaison

Headshot of Jeffrey Astrein, click to read profile.

Jeffrey Astrein

Community Education & Outreach Specialist

Headshot of Lauren Baker, click to read profile.

Lauren Baker

Public Policy & Outreach Specialist

Headshot of Mark Bashaw, click to read profile.

Mark Bashaw

Community Resource Specialist

Headshot of Janeen Bourlier, click to read profile.

Janeen Bourlier

Career & Life Skills Facilitator

Headshot of Angela McConnell, click to read profile.

Angela Bray

Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager

Headshot of Sarah Cancel, click to read profile.

Sarah Cancel

Information & Referral Specialist / Office Manager

Headshot of Cecelia Caponecchia, click to read profile.

Cecelia Caponecchia

SSVF Case Manager

Headshot of Jovan Aziz-Fakhouri, click to read profile.

Jovann Fakhouri

Career & Life Skills Facilitator

Headshot of Carolyn Ford, click to read profile.

Carolyn Ford

Community Health Worker / Transition Navigator

Headshot of Denise Johns, click to read profile.

Denise Johns

Outreach Coordinator - Thumb Region

Brianna Kammer

Brianna Kammer

SSVF Program Manager

Headshot of Charlotte Kelly, click to read profile.

Charlotte Kelly

Recreational Therapist - Thumb Region

Headshot of Lori Lamoreaux, click to read profile.

Lori Lamoreaux

SSVF Case Manager

Headshot of Haley Lauwers, click to read profile.

Haley Lauwers

Career & Life Skills Facilitator

Headshot of Lynn Layer, click to read profile.

Lynn Layer

Career & Life Skills Facilitator

Headshot of Roslyn Mace, click to read profile.

Roslyn Mace

Finance Manager

Terry Nichols

Terry Nichols

SSVF Case Manager

Headshot of Jamie Pickard, click to read profile.

Jamie Pickard

Career & Life Skills Facilitator

Headshot of Leissa Reusser, click to read profile.

Leisa Reusser

Career & Life Skills Facilitator

Headshot of Phyllis Reynolds, click to read profile.

Phyllis Reynolds

Community Health Worker / Transition Navigator

Headshot of Gina Schafer, click to read profile.

Gina Schafer

Digital Media Manager & Veterans Services Specialist

Headshot of Jynil Schneider, click to read profile.

Jynil Schneider

Transition Navigator - Thumb Region

Angela Shand

Angela Shand

SSVF Health Care Navigator

Headshot of Charlotte Stumbaugh, click to read profile.

Sheryl Stumbaugh

Community Resource Specialist and Adult Advocate.

Headshot of Amy Swinson, click to read profile.

Amy Swinson

Social Support Coordinator

Headshot of Kim Tosolt, click to read profile.

Kim Tosolt

Community Liaison Specialist

Headshot of Pharaoh Triandaj, click to read profile.

Pharaoh Triandaj

Consumer Services Navigator

Headshot of Sian Washington, click to read profile.

Sian Washington

SSVF Case Manager

Jay Watson

Jay Watson

Career & Life Skills Facilitator

Headshot of Nick Watson, click to read profile.

Nick Watson

Information & Referral Specialist / Community Liaison

Headshot of Robert Winn, click to read profile.

Robert Winn

ADA Coordinator / Facilities Manager

Our Board

Headshot of Adam Rouls, click to read profile.

Adam Rouls


Headshot of Andrew Maurer, click to read profile.

Andrew Maurer

Vice Chairperson

Headshot of Angelina Spiteri, click to read profile.

Angelina Spiteri-Bender


Headshot of Michael Cho, click to read profile.

Mike Cho


Headshot of Keith Holt, click to read profile.

Keith Holt


Headshot of Randall Mansour, click to read profile.

Randall Mansour


Headshot of Andrea Reynolds, click to read profile.

Andrea Reynolds


Headshot of Raymond Smith, click to read profile.

Raymond Smith


Headshot of Kyle Williams, click to read profile.

Kyle Williams


Community Partners

DNEM is a member of Disability Network/Michigan; a collaborative organization representing Centers for Independent Living (CILs) throughout the state.


DNEM is proud to participate in many community collaboratives:


  • Area Agency on Aging 1-B
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Community Advisory Committee
  • Disability Network Michigan 
  • Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan
  • Huron County Community Mental Health
  • Lapeer County Community Mental Health
  • Macomb Community Action Advisory Board
  • Macomb County Community Mental Health Citizens Advisory Council
  • Macomb County Human Service Collaborative Body
  • Macomb Homeless Coalition





  • Michigan Disability Rights Coalition
  • Michigan Nonprofit Association’s SE Michigan Public Policy Council
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Services
  • Michigan Statewide Independent Living Council
  • Oakland County Homeless Healthcare Collaboration
  • Pontiac Youth Assistance
  • Regional Transit Authority-Citizens Advisory Council
  • SMART Advisory Council
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Disability Network
Eastern Michigan