Scott Zanni

Career & Life Skills Facilitator

Scott is a person with a hearing disability. He has a BAHA implant. (He jokes it helps him hear the Cosmonauts chatter!) He loves to help people overcome barriers to achieving their goals, and living their best possible lives. He looks forward to doing a lot of that here at DNEM!

Scott started out making automotive commercials after graduating with a Telecommunications/Media Broadcast degree from MSU – Go Green! After 9-11, gears changed in the world, gears changed in his career, along with a 3 year trip to Miami and the addition of his first child, his daughter, Paige. Scott and his family relocated back to sunny Michigan in 2003, where they have resided since. He spent about 15 years in Site Management/Recruitment and Workforce Development, as a corporate and agency side recruiter and account manager.

Fun Facts: Scott also has a son, Joshua, and a super cool wife, Julie, who also works at DNEM! He loves family time, camping, hiking, performing and listening to music. He feels very lucky to have this opportunity and looks forward to his adventure with all the great folks at DNEM.