Pharaoh Triandaj

Information & Referral Specialist / Community Liaison

Pharaoh receives phone calls from consumers looking for information and/or services, then refers them to a staff member who is an expert in that field, an organization that may help, or provides them the links, phone numbers, and addresses to the resources they require.

He is motivated by the fact that there are LOTS of resources out there; i.e., housing, healthcare services, schooling, etc. These things are sometimes poorly indexed or may not be connected to the world wide web for whatever reason. Pharaoh likes connecting those resources to the people who are looking for it. More importantly, he loves hunting the resources down. Sometimes that takes a few minutes, others can take days.

Pharaoh’s work history is varied. He worked at retail chains at the beginning of his career as a night cashier or stock person. Then he moseyed his way through to factory worker; part hanger, packer; and the last was warehouse worker driving standing forklifts, riding-pallet jack, and a cage puller. He also worked to make sure semi-trucks were safe to dock at our warehouse. The thing Pharaoh liked best about those jobs was the physical aspect. However, he always found himself mentoring or motivating people, particularly those with disabilities. They often teamed up together to share their knowledge and by the time he moved on, they were self-motivating and navigating on their own with more confidence. When Pharaoh found his way to DNEM, all those puzzles pieces started to click together!

Fun fact: Pharaoh loves to drive any and everywhere! That ties into his love of trying new and interesting foods, which leads him to the interesting people who cooked it!