Andrea Reynolds


Andrea Reynolds joined the DNEM Board of Directors in 2016 seeking the chance to be an advocate and to use her real life experience to help set the standards for others who strive to live a full life with their disabilities. Andrea  became a quadriplegic as the result of a car accident in 1994. She is the mother of four children who have provided her with the motivation to be resilient and to never give up.  Andrea studied business management at Strayer University and, with an entrepreneurial spirit, she has embarked on several business opportunities currently being an independent Sales Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories.  Not one to sit in the house, Andrea utilizes public transportation to maneuver buildings and city streets in her power chair and has recently added air travel to her repertoire.

Now that her children are older, Andrea wants to encourage and support others to believe as she does that with the right attitude most obstacles in life can be conquered.