ASL (American Sign Language) Classes

Our 6-week classes are an introduction to American Sign Language, the language used by Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing people in the United States and most of Canada. This course will also provide introductory information on Deaf culture, since a language cannot be separated from its culture.  The objectives of this course are to provide participants with beginning ASL communication skills (including the alphabet, numbers, colors and fingerspelling).  Participants will develop the practical skills and knowledge necessary for basic interactions within the Deaf community.


Assistive Technology

The Assistive Technology Program at Disability Network Eastern Michigan offers a myriad of equipment, demonstration, and training opportunities. We provide in-depth evaluations designed to assess a person’s capacity for independent living with assistive devices.  Our AT program contains numerous low and high tech items that facilitate communication, activities of daily living, computer access, mobility assistance, environmental controls, and more.


Independent Living Skills Assessment (ILSA)

Individual (and other family/support as appropriate for purposes of background information at the consent of the individual) will have a brief interview; an orientation will be developed to meet individual’s direct need for skill development; the orientation is meant to set the context for why and how skills introduced and demonstrated during the test fit into the individuals Independent Living goals.  The Independent Living Skills Assessment is a one-on-one facilitation with hands-on learning of job readiness skills, home maintenance, hygiene, personal budget planning, socialization, culinary skills, and other activities of daily living.



Our focus is to build a healthy inclusive recreation program. This program has a three pronged approach to increasing access to Recreation – Recreation, Education, & Community Inclusion – Promoting inclusion for ALL!  This includes supporting and participating in community recreation events, online cooking demonstrations, monthly DIY classes and offering technical support to promote accessible community recreational parks and facilities. REC-IT programs include:

      • Accessible Crafts
      • Adaptive Golf
      • Adaptive Kayaking
      • Adaptive Skiing
      • Adaptive Yoga
      • Cooking Classes
      • DiversAbility Days Outdoor Recreation Events
      • Inclusive Art Classes
      • Inclusive Exercise

Disability Network
Eastern Michigan