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Accessibility Services

  • DNEM provides a range of services and supports to evaluate accessibility of buildings, facilities and public spaces.
  • Services are available to businesses, organizations and government entities.
  • DNEM also provides specific services and solutions for those interested in making their digital information fully accessible to all computer users seeking information on a service, product, program, etc.
  • We have specific working knowledge on accessibility as found in Section 508, ADA, Michigan Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act, and Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1 and 2.
  • To help you meet your needs, we will build a plan that is customized to meet your specific organization. For example, some organizations may only need a PDF evaluated and fixed, while others may need to have staff trained to do the evaluation and implementation on their own. We can submit a quote based on your needs, either hourly or by project.


ADA Compliance Review

  • An initial walk-through of the site and/or review of site plans and blueprints to review all elements.  (A proposal will be drafted based on the initial walk-through).
  • An in-depth site walk-through and/or plan review.
  • A detailed report summarizing our findings & recommendations along with the standards and guidelines applicable to the evaluated elements.
  • Post-completion Site Review.
  • Optional one-hour consultation with an ADA Certified Specialist.


ADA Compliance Trainings

  • Accessible Documents – Ensuring all users can access your website, email blast or other forms of digital information.
  • Businesses – Title III of the ADA Legal Updates.
  • COVID-19 Related Employment Updates.
  • Employment – Title I of the ADA Legal Updates.
  • Public Entitles – Title II of the ADA Legal Updates.
  • Service Animals in all Settings: Employment, Housing, Transportation, Public Businesses, Public Facilities, Secondary and Post-Secondary.


Anti-Ableism / Disability Awareness Training

This interactive course discusses disability etiquette, the impact of systemic ableism and how to fairly interact with people with disabilities. DNEM can show you how this can increase customer satisfaction, service delivery, and employee relations. On-site training can be provided to meet the needs of your organization.


Bullying Prevention Awareness Training

Students will learn how to prevent and reduce bullying and improve peer relations.  This program will promote a safer and more positive environment.  There is a strong emphasis on the prevention of bullying of persons with both visible and “invisible” disabilities.  The curriculum also provides students with many strategies to use if they are experiencing bullying.


Prevention of Elder Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation (PEANE)

Community presentations to caregivers and families on the prevention of elderly abuse, neglect and financial exploitation.  Abuse can happen even in the most vigilant communities.  Learn the signs, know what puts you or loved ones at risk and put together your resource list.  Everyone deserves safety and choice; know you are not alone.  Join us in this fight.



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